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Napa Organics agribeauty products are fresh and pure containing just one to five natural ingredients from local farms and small producers in Northern California. Fresh ingredients carefully formulated, give your skin what it needs and nothing else. Made in small batches, Napa Organics are concentrated to nourish and protect your skin and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

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Napa Organics Lemon Hand Soap 6 ounces Napa Organics Castile hand soap 6oz Napa Organics Lavender Hand Soap 6 ounces
Gentle moisturizing castile soap made with organic oils Unscented hand soap with certified organic California olive oil and coconut oil A wonderfully moisturizing soap with no synthetic detergents or preservatives, naturally scented with lavender essential oil.
Napa Organics Rose Geranium & Lavender Face Mist 1 oz Napa Organics Mineral Salt Scrub 4oz Napa Organics Plum & Walnut Gentle Exfoliant 4oz
Certified organic and biodynamic Rose Geranium and Lavender hydrosols to calm, hydrate and refresh. This blend of minerals and sea salt, plant extracts and aromatic essential oils can be used as a scrub or a soak to soften and nourish your skin. 100% natural refining powder plum & walnut exfoliant
Napa Organics Nourishing Cream Napa Organics Aloe & Clay Cream Mask 4oz Napa Organics Grapeseed & Clay Mask Treatment 4oz
Intensive aloe-based body cream scented with peppermint and eucalyptus. Gentle & creamy clay mask with aloe vera and purified earth clay. Formulated for all skin types. Purifying treatment benefits both face and body
Napa Organics Plum & Rose Liquid Balm 2 ounces Napa Organics Plum & Quince Cleansing Gel 6oz Napa Organics Olive & Plum Balm 4oz
This specially formulated liquid balm is part serum and part balm. A non-foaming gel cleanser removes oil, dirt, and impurities without disturbing the skin's moisture balance. A refining treatment for radiant skin
Napa Organics Plum & Grapeseed Body Oil 6oz
Luxurious, ultra rich  and deeply nourishing skin oil.