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Since 1994 Indian Meadow Herbals have become an established, environmentally conscious herbal products manufacturing company. We manufacture our products with organically grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs and food grade oils. Our creams are rich, if you had to, you could eat them. Our look is straightforward and practical, the glitz is IN the jar!. What sets us apart; our creams contain no chemical preservatives, isopropyl parabens or synthetics. e engage in no practices that harm the environment. Two of our products specifically address the symptoms of menopause and PMS. Our products are cruelty-free and GMO free. Our organic products are certified by MOFGA Certification Services, LLC.

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Indian Meadow Herbals Bite Balm 0.25oz For all skin types Excellent as a personal lubricant
Bite balm with 99% organic ingredients stops itching and redness. For black fly and mosquito bites.
Indian Meadow Love Your Face Cream is the richest and deepest face moisturizer. Indian Meadow Herbals Belly and Vaginal Balm.
Body & face moisturizer Indian Meadow Herbals Deep Relaxing Massage Oil 3.32 oz Indian Meadow Herbals Rich Cleansing Massage Oil 3.32 oz
Indian Meadow Herbals Love Your Body Cream. Deep Relaxation Massage Oil - 78% Organic Ingredients Rich Cleansing Massage Oil - Made with 83% organic herbs and oils
Indian Meadow Herbals Sample Pack Indian Meadow Herbals Love Your Body Massage Oil 3.32 oz javascript:void(0);
Indian Meadow Herbals sample pack contains 9 of Indian Meadow Herbals 1/8 ounce creams and salves, Perfect to try, for a gift! Love Your Body Massage Oil - 80% organic ingredients A soothing salve applied externally to cuts, abrasions, burns and rough hands. A Must for any first aid kit.
Indian Meadow Herbals Wild Yam Root Cream Wildblueberry facial toner Wild blueberry eye cream
Indian Meadow Herbals Wild Yam Root Cream hormonal balancing cream. Indian Meadow Herbals Wild blueberry lavender facial mist Indian Meadow Herbals Wild Blueberry Eye Cream reduces fine lines and puffiness.
Indian Meadow Herbals Wild Blueberry Facial Cleanser For mature skin Indian Meadow Herbals Wild Blueberry Cream for Sensitive Skin
Wild Blueberry Facial Cleanser - Made with 97% Organic ingredients. Wild Blueberry Cream for Mature Skin - Made with 97% organic herbs and oils

Wild Blueberry Lotion for Sensitive Skin - Made with 97% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS

Indian Meadow Herbals Organic Formula Love Your Face Cream 2oz-
Organic formula Love your face cream 50ml /2oz Jar