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Brown/Dark spots Scars
Scars are areas of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin after injury, burns, surgery, aging, stretch marks and acne scar. Scar formation is a natural part of the healing process. Stretch marks are also a form of scarring. These are caused when the skin is stretched rapidly (for instance during pregnancy) significant weight gain or adolescent growth spurts) or when skin is put under tension during the healing process, (usually near joints). If you've had severe acne, you probably have the scars to prove it ( acne scars) . There are many types of acne scars, ranging from deep pits to scars that are angular or wavelike in appearance. Possible treatments will depend on the types of acne scars you have.

Brown/ Dark spots:
Brown Spots are one of the five main signs of aging from the sun. Most of the aging skin we see on our face is caused not by the passage of time and chronological aging, but from the sun.
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