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Avoid sunscreens with potentially harmful ingredients

Use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 and a maximum of SPF 50; Make sure labels list UVA and UVB (or broad spectrum protection); Avoid products containing oxybenzone and retinyl palminate if you're concerned about potentially toxic chemicals; Choose lotions versus spray sunscreens for a more evenly distributed protection.

Remember to apply at least 2 ounces of lotion (about a shot glass full) and reapply often. The sun breaks down the ingredients in sunscreen that protect your skin. Experts recommend reapplying every two hours, or after swimming or heavy sweating.

Choose sunscreens with natural minerals

Sun protection factor
The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that everyone wears a broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen with a Sun protection Factor ( SPF) of at least 30
Broad SpectrumBroad-spectrum sunscreen offers protection from both UVB sunrays, which can cause redness and burning, and UVA rays, which can cause skin causer and premature skin aging
Physical sunscreenLook for sunscreens with Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide. These natural ingredients sit on top of the skin so the work immediately and reflect the rays.
Avoid chemicals sunscreensSunscreens with chemicals such as oxybenzone and retinyl palminate are potentially toxic and therefore harmful for you and the environment.
Apply sunscreens 20 minutes before sun exposure

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