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Aloe vera ( aloe barbadensis) organic

soothing moisture

Apricot kernel ( prunus armeniaca) oil

rich moisture

Arabic ( acacia catechu) gum

skin-soothing emulsifier

Arnica ( arnica montana) organic


Aroma ( pure premium steam distilled essential oil)

for specific issues, blended using classic perfumery technique


Babassu palm fruit ( babssuamidopropybetaine)

light moisturizer

Beeswax (cera alba)

protects & seals in moisture

Borage seed ( borago officinalis)

anti-aging, nourishing

Burdock ( articum iappa)  

anti-aging strengthener


Calendula ( calendula officinalis) organic


Carrot, all forms ( daucus carota)


Cetearyl alcohol

thickener, moisturizer

Chamomile ( anhemis nobilis)


Cocoa butter ( theobroma cacao) organic fair trade

anti-oxidant, emollient

Coconut oil ( cocos nucifera) organic fair trade

antioxidant-rich emollient

Comfrey ( symphtutum officinale) organic


Decyl glucoside ( decylglucoside) cleanses

Echinacea ( echinacea purpurea)

natural antibiotic

Evening primrose ( oenothera biennis)

anti-inflammatory, source of omega oils

Gluconolactone chelating ingredients that scavenges free radicals, protects from uv damage

Grapeseed ( vitis vineifera)

readily absorbed antioxidant moisture

Green tea ( camelia sinensis)

high potency antioxidant


Hazelnut ( corylus americano)

essential fatty acids-rich, gently moisture

Honeysuckle flower ( lonicera caprifolium)

antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

Horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum)

for circulation, strengthens capillaries

Horsetail ( equisetum arvense)

silica rich, strengthens, conditions

Hydrolized rice protein

strengthens and thickens hair

Hyaluronic acid

humectant, draws moisture to skin, protects, repairs & coats cells


Jojoba oil ( simmondsia chinensis) organic a sebum mimicking moisturizer
Kaolin ( kaolinite) cleansing + purifying

Lavender ( lavendul angustifolia)

highly soothing, antibacterial, astringent

lecithin ( lecithin)-organic non-gmo

thickener, emulsifier

Lemon oil ( citrus medica limonum) organic

detoxifying, tonic

Lemongrass ( cymbopogon citratus)

antifungal, earthy aromatic, purifying

Linoleic acid

strengthens + nourishes

Manuka Honey contains nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, antibacterial properties
Mushroom shiitake & songyi-standardized being studied for cancer -preventing & fighting properties, fortifies & strengthens

Natural sugar ( sucrose)

sloughs & smoothes dead skin gently, detoxifying

Neem ( melia azadricachta) organic

conditions, moistures, stimulates hair grow

Nettle ( urtica dioica) organic

treat scalp issues, adds shine



Oat milk ( avena sativa) organic

soothing, anti-inflammatory, cleansing

Olives ( olea europea)

rich in antioxidants, emollient

Orange peel ( citrus senensis)

astringent, tonic, balancing


Retinol liposome ( liposomes)

speeds cell turnover, reduces lines, clear pores, exfoliates

Rice flour ( oryza sativa)

gentle exfoliate, nutrient-rich

Rice germ ( oryza sativa)

nutrient-rich, lighly emollient

Rosemary ( rosmarinus officinalis)

stimulates & promotes hair growth, toning

Roses ( rosa centifolia) all parts of rose

vitamin packed antioxidant, anti-aging


Sage ( salvia lavandulaefolia) organic

gentle astringent

Seaweed ( algae)

nutrient & antioxidant rich-balancing, perfect food

Shea butter ( butyrospermum parkii) organic fair trade

intensive moisturizer

Sodium myristol glutamate

forms a protective barrier, coats hair follicle

Sunflower ( helianthis annus) organics

light, readily absorded, emollient

Thyme ( thyimus vulgaris) antiseptic, astringent

Vegetable glyceryin ( glycerine)

humectant, moisturizer
Vitamin c glucoside ( ascorbic acid glucoside) time-release brightening, anti-wrinkle, collagen stimulator, antioxidant

vitamin e (tocopherol) 100% natural non-gmo

antioxidant moisturizer

vitamin liposome c natural

anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, tone evening


White willow bark extract ( salix alba)

speeds cell turnover, powerful anti-inflammatory

Witch hazel distillate ( hamamelis virginiana)

treats infection, astringent



Xanthan ( xanthan) gum food grade thickener
Yeast collagen extract ( saccharomyces lysate) active cellular antioxidation, promotes collagen production, anti-wrinkle, puffiness
Yerba protein ( ilex paraguariensis) organic vitamins, minerals & antioxidant rich, nourishes hair & scalp
Zinc antibacterial, treats acne, inflammation