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Excellent soap for irritated and sensitive skin with olive oil. Soothing & Calming bar soap with Calendula, neem & turmeric. Gentle extra hydrating soap with Manuka honey & Blue Cornflower.
Eucalyptus single note pure essential oil, a versatile essential oil, from cleaning to repelling insects and suppressing coughs. Tea tree single note pure essential oil "Miracle oil". Wellness inhaler " Head aide" to help relieve minor headaches.
Wellness inhaler "Breath Easy" Natural relief from colds and congestion. Wellness inhaler "Sleep" A natural alternative for restful sleep" Wellness inhaler "Defense" Defend & boost your immune system.
Wellness inhaler "Stress less" to release anxiety and quiet the mind. Wellness inhaler "Focus" For mental clarity and concentration. Wellness inhaler " Tummy rescue" Natural relief for upset stomach & nausea.
Single note essential oil Rosemary "Clarifying & revitalizing". single note pure essential oil Organic sweet orange "Cheerful & refreshing" Organic Peppermint single note pure essential oil.
Single note essential oil "Clove bud". Warm & Spicy. Single note pure essential oil "Sandalwood" 3% in organic jojoba, exotic and sensual. Single Note pure essential oils
Single Note pure essential oils Lavender Spike single note pure essential oil " Gentle & inspiring". Safe and effective Orange and Vetiver deodorant roll-on.
Herbal refresh Unscented non-metallic deodorant roll-on. Lavender Sage long lasting non-metallic deodorant roll-on. Single Note pure essential oils
Single Note pure essential oils Blended essential oil "Breath easy" gentle relief from colds and congestion". Single note essential oil "Jasmine" 3% in Organic jojoba. "Exquisite & rich floral".
Blended essential oil "Sleep" a natural alternative for restful sleep. Premium quality essential oils Soy tealights candles (5) "wild orange". Neroli single note pure essential oil " Harmonizing & uplifting".